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Programs we offer

The Mustangs Cricket Academy offers a comprehensive array of cricket programs designed to cater to your specific needs and help you excel in the sport. Our offerings encompass a variety of training options, including group sessions focusing on fitness and fielding to enhance your overall game performance. For those seeking personalized coaching, we provide private and semi-private lessons, ensuring that you receive the individual attention you deserve. Our skill training programs cover the finer aspects of the game, with specialized sessions dedicated to honing your bowling and wicket-keeping skills. Additionally, we host specialized camps that immerse you in cricketing excellence. Join us on a journey of continuous improvement and unlock your cricketing potential with the Mustangs Cricket Academy.


Group Training

Group sessions within various age groups providing an opportunity for kids to train and socialize within their team environment


Private Coaching

Dedicated batting, bowling and wicket-keeping sessions with certified coaches to enhance the necessary skills.


High Performance Camps

Specialized high-performance camps throughout the year with nationally and international renowned coaches


Summer Camps

We also offer summer camps for extended training on a weekly basis. The cages would also be available for members based on availability

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